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Choose from the Most Comprehensive Range of Entertainment Options from Roku at Sears


With Roku electronics you can enjoy blockbuster movies, original content and the latest TV shows wherever and whenever you want.

Buying a streaming stick or player is a smart investment in today's digital world.  Streaming sticks aren't just a way to instantly access binge-worthy TV, they also provide the most convenient way to experience Ultra HD content via Netflix 4K and can be plugged into smart home systems too.  If you have a smart 4K TV with built-in apps, Roku has developed a platform that offers you value for your money and a considerable variety of solutions to choose from.  A product that stands out is the Roku Streaming Stick+ which not only offers 4K and HDR10 streaming but also takes the streaming speed to a new level thanks to a smart Wi-Fi upgrade.  By putting the antenna in the cable, rather than the stick which sits behind the signal-blocking TV, Roku has managed to enhance speeds by up to 4 times.  This means the 802.11ac dual-band MIMO is likely faster than your TV and results in quality streaming without buffering.

For those who want the features of the Streaming Stick+ but desire a little more horsepower and stability, the Roku 3 Streaming Player is perfect for you.  With over 2,000 channels available, you can access over 250,000 free and subscription-based movies and TV shows, as well as a comprehensive library of music, news, sports, and more.  Control the Roku 3 with the included remote or install the free app and use your compatible smartphone or tablet.  Perhaps the most significant benefit of opting for the Roku 3 instead of other models like the Roku Streaming Stick or Roku Streaming Stick + is the upgraded silicon inside.  Built with a dual-core processor, the speed is lightning fast and navigating between menus is super smooth.  Buy from the industry leading manufacturer of streaming devices and never miss your favorite shows.

Whether you are upgrading your home television system or planning to get a new streaming solution, the Roku store at Sears has everything to suit your requirements.  From television accessories to media players, you will find everything you need to enhance your leisure time at home.