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Rubbermaid products:  Revamp your lifestyle with top-of-the-line Rubbermaid storage accessories from Sears.


Get your home in order with a wide range of Rubbermaid storage products and solutions. Being a trusted leader in reliability and safety, Sears proudly hosts a brilliant selection of Rubbermaid storage carts and containers, home appliances, hand tools and lawn and garden solutions.

Too busy to stay organized? We've got your back. The Rubbermaid store at Sears stocks a variety of decorative kitchen accessories for a comfortable lifestyle.  Keep your snacks and dried foods in glass and plastic containers with secure lids. These Rubbermaid food storage containers are reusable, BPA-free options, designed for you to stay healthy. Take a look at the Rubbermaid leak-proof thermal water bottles. Built with double-wall, vacuum insulated stainless steel, a travel mug keeps your beverage hot for up to 3/4/5 hours. It fits under most single-serve brewers and sits in car cup holders so you can take your cup of Joe to go, on a busy morning.

A clean house is essential for the well-being of your entire family, especially if you have hard surfaces like cork, tile and wood to maintain. The Rubbermaid Pulse mopping kit removes dirt from all kinds of floors in record time, with a high-capacity mopping system. Lightweight, portable and easy to maneuver, the ergonomic trigger handle allows for convenient operation. The bathroom is one space that is difficult to keep tidy yet has to stay clean at all times. Say goodbye to all your bathroom woes with a great collection of Rubbermaid bathroom cleaning tools. From mops and brooms to carts and buckets, keeping your space neat won’t be a hassle anymore.

A garage always tends to be overrun by clutter. Start clearing up the mess with savvy storage and organization solutions offered by Rubbermaid. The FastTrack garage organization system is easy to install; all you have to do is screw the rail into the wall studs and snap on the rail covers. The system allows you to use the entire width of the wall and the vertical space available in your garage. You can hang things on the wall like bicycles, tools and storage boxes that typically take up your floor area. You can also customize the arrangement with all the hooks, shelves and accessories that come with the system. The hooks are easy to attach and feature a lock which keeps them securely fastened to the rail. This system also allows you to organize everything in a zone, so you have no problem finding things when you need them.

With home and garage organization products and health and wellness solutions, the Rubbermaid store at Sears is all about allowing you to live a clean and healthy lifestyle.