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Santa Cruz Store


Sata Cruz skateboards and clothing:  Enjoy a stylish and sporty lifestyle with Santa Cruz skateboards and clothing from Sears.

Embrace a funky and active routine with the Santa Cruz skateboard products from Sears.  Showcasing designs of Ninja turtles and the Scream Hand, the brand carries a unique and peppy vibe.  Featuring outfits for men, the clothing line is versatile.  The skateboard collection with attractive graphic applications is one-of-a-kind.

Cruise through the streets on a trendy Santa Cruz skateboard.  The Everslick decks allow you to slide faster and further.  Designed with a unique graphic application method, the skateboard design stays on longer.  Suitable for skill levels from beginner to pro, the Everslick models are a fine choice for everyone.   A range of 80’s inspired graphics highlight the cruisers models available at Santa Cruz.  Classic or Avant garde, each one of the Santa Cruz skateboards feature a specific style.

Comfort and style go hand in hand with the Santa Cruz clothing line at Sears.  From hoodies and active wear to classic t-shirts, you will find great options for casual wear.  Sporting bright graphic prints and creative patterns, each piece of apparel exhibits a unique theme.  The Santa Cruz windbreaker is a snug option for early morning runs or a long walk on a chilly evening.  In pleasant neutrals or popping vibrant hues, the colors of Santa Cruz apparel are versatile.  Pick a style that suits your taste and enjoy putting together cool new looks.

Upgrade your fun quotient with the distinct style of sporting goods and clothing from Santa Cruz at Sears.  Add interesting hues and modern prints to your wardrobe today!