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SawStop:  Shop SawStop tools for a unique blend of excellent craftsmanship, unrivalled design and safety.


Not many tools can match the power of the mighty saw.  It’s robust and tough with a rugged look and can slice through just about anything.  Step up the cool factor in your workshop with SawStop’s range of sawing tools, outfeed and router tables and attachments among others.  Despite all their ruggedness, these saws have a human edge as the blades are equipped with an electric signal that detect any form of contact with the skin.  This in turn shuts off the system completely - a significant safety feature that has saved many from nicks, cuts and more serious accidents.

SawStop’s CNS175-SFA30 is a contractor saw with a 30” rip capacity and an aluminum extrusion fence.  Equipped with a powerful 110V motor, this tool facilitates easy transition between guard and riving knives owing to the quick change mount.  Get straight and accurate cuts as this saw is compatible with both 10” standard blades and 8” dado blades.

The TSA-SA70 Large Sliding Table is designed to withstand the rigors of an industrial woodshop.  Now you can cuts large sheets and stock easily spread out across the 30”x30.5” table.  This workspace comes with a rigid steel frame and bearings for a smooth glide and can be adjusted to traditional and Euro configurations for a 70” crosscut.

All of SawStop’s tools raise the bar for speed, performance and endurance.  Get down to work comfortably in one of their router, outfeed or sliding tables.  You could also go all the way and equip your tool kitty with lock down inserts, table saw blades, power switches, insert ring set for router plates and dust collection assembly among others.