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Shark Vacuums

  • Sewing & Garment Care


Shark vacuums:  Settle for nothing but clean interiors and allergen-free spaces once you experience the powerful performance of Shark vacuums at Sears.


Enjoy the satisfaction of maintaining a home that is free of dust, pet dander, pollen and other particulate matter with some able help from the Shark appliances lined up at Sears.  Focused on creating breathable and pleasant surroundings, these appliances can better your standard of living.

Choose from upright, robot, cordless and corded stick Shark vacuum systems as you get ready to tackle the dirt.  At the heart of the stellar functionality are the DuoClean and the Zero-M technologies.  Innovated as a head tool that offers two brush rolls (bristle and soft) to clean carpets and floors thoroughly, DuoClean sucks in even the most stubborn particles.  The Zero-M self-cleaning brush roll eliminates all chances of hair wrap so you no longer need to look for scissors to cut the tangles out.  Incorporating both tech processes to deliver impressive results is the APEX DuoClean Zero-M Powered Lift-Away vacuum.  The unit extends your reach with a motorized head while also allowing you to detach the canister for increased portability.

If you roll the smart way, then Shark’s line of robot vacuums promise to redefine the task of cleaning.  The S87 ION system comprises of a robot vacuum that will go to work on floors and a lightweight hand vacuum for the everyday messes.  Wi-Fi-enabled, the unit can be set up to work at specific times through your smartphone, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa so you can come home to a pristine setting.  Smart Sensor Navigation 2.0 helps the device maneuver around obstacles while the XL dustbin can hold everything from pet hair to paper waste from art projects.

Shark takes the comprehensive, 360° approach to hygiene by offering a range of steam mops that simplify the chore of cleaning sealed floors.  The Genius Steam Pocket mop comes with a 2-sided head to trap dirt and blasts steam on grease, stains, food remnants and pet messes to return your floor to its sparkling smooth finish.  Touch-free technology ensures that you never have to touch a dirty pad during changes while the power of steam has a sanitizing effect.

The store also has irons and garment steamers so you can bid goodbye to wrinkles and creases as you step up the ladder of professionalism and leave a mark.  Also on offer are adapters, several types of brush heads, hoses and filters so you can work towards reaching a clean state.

With vacuum systems, steam mops and garment care products, the Shark store at Sears is determined to make you a part of the clean revolution.