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ShelterLogic Canopies and Sheds:  Set up Sturdy Outdoor Structures with ShelterLogic Shelters and Roofing from Sears


Build reliable roofing and enclosed spaces with the ShelterLogic canopies and sheds at Sears.  Be it yard sheds or garage shelters, ShelterLogic has a sophisticated range of outdoor storage solutions.  Set up instant roofs for party events or gatherings with sturdy and durable gazebos and solariums.

Improve backyard utility with ShelterLogic sheds that suit all your needs.  Are you looking for all-in-one yard storage?  The ShelterLogic Gambrel gable shed sports a barn shaped roof to store large objects.  Pre-cut and easy to install, these sheds are a convenient choice.  For gardening or plant maintenance, the walkthrough ShelterLogic heavy-duty greenhouse is a durable option.  Designed with roll-up side panels and bungee fasteners, the ventilation is on point.   ShelterLogic also houses robust racks to store firewood and tools.

Enjoy fresh air at outdoor parties or get-togethers.  The ShelterLogic Sojag Charleston solarium is made from durable aluminum with fine details.  Housing guests for an evening dining is convenient in this solarium.  The clear windows offer visual connectivity to the gardens and lawns.  For a more open setting, the ShelterLogic gazebos are a better option.  UV protected with nylon mosquito netting, these gazebos are sturdy and comfortable.  The provision of curtains helps with privacy.

Protect vehicles from harsh sun and rain with the ShelterLogic car sheds.  The round shed frames offer both, strength and stability.  If you are looking for bigger sheds, the peak style is suitable.  Accommodating trucks, boats and bulk storage, the peak shed is versatile.  The sloped roof prevents dust and water retention.  ShelterLogic also offers a range of utilitarian bags, umbrellas and other accessories for picnics or beach outings.  These portable bags are ideal to carry your swimsuits and leak-proof bottles.

From simple roofing to solid 4-side enclosures, discover all you need for outdoor events and storage with sturdy ShelterLogic canopies and sheds at Sears.