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Shop-Vac Products:  Maintain Homes and Vehicles Easily with a Range of Tools from Shop-Vac at Sears


Discover a wide variety of vacuums for different purposes from the Shop-Vac store at Sears.  Ranging from dry vacuums to wet-dry vacuums, Shop-Vac has all you need for meticulous cleaning.  The essential tool accessories and parts for all your replacement purposes are available in all sizes and capacities.

Get rid of dust with suitable tools and accessories from Shop-Vac.  If you’re on the lookout for compact vacuums that can access nooks and corners, the Shop-Vac HP portable vacuum is the right choice for you.  Equipped to clean crevices and hard floors, the Shop-Vac vacuums are lightweight and efficient.  For garages and heavy-duty cleaning, the Shop-Vac contractor series comes in handy.  Fitted with sturdy wheels and ultra-web cartridges, these powerful vacuums are efficient when it comes to cleaning those pesky stains and dusty racks.

Shop-Vac also offers a variety of air movers to improve circulations.  Stackable and portable, the air movers are comfortable to use and store.  Cooling off store rooms and other spaces is made easy with Shop-Vac air movers.  The Shop-Vac floor fans are convenient and offer large coverage.  Drying off for industrial purposes or clearing water clogged floors is simple with the right floor fan.  The innovative Shop-Vac Micro vacuums are the ideal cleaners to carry along in cars for long trips.  Small and sleek, these vacuums come with collapsible handles for easy portability.  Offering all-round cleaning solutions both inside and outside of homes, Shop-Vac products help to keep your surroundings spotless.

Avoid the painful hunt for parts and accessories for your vacuums.  Shop-Vac offers everything from filter bags and cartridges to vacuum hoses and adapters.  Replace parts easily with reliable options available from the brand.  The Shop-Vac accessories division even includes air filter replacements for air movers.

From vacuum cleaners to industrial air movers, the Shop-Vac store at Sears has a large collection of tools and maintenance equipment.  Choose the tool you require and enjoy your daily cleaning routine.