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Skullcandy headphones:  Enjoy a great audio experience with Skullcandy headphones from Sears.

Housing a versatile collection from earbuds to on-ear designs, Skullcandy has the right headphones for everyone.  The wireless headphones are an innovative new idea for music on the go.  Skullcandy also offers a fun collection of apparel like cozy hoodies and t-shirts with interesting graphic prints.

Enjoy high quality audio for music or hands-free phone conversations with Skullcandy headphones.  The Bluetooth ear-buds come with special connectivity to smart devices.  Offering a wireless range of 30’, these headphones are convenient to move around in.  The Classic offset earbuds, on the other hand, provide rich bass and 1.2m cables.  In the case of on-ear headphones with microphones, you will find foldable designs with high-end audio drivers.  Backup aux cables help with charging and corded connections, upgrading the utility quotient of your earphones.

Skullcandy offers a wide selection of Bluetooth speakers.  With increased levels of clarity and dynamic audio, these speakers are suitable for parties, movies and more.  The Skullcandy Barricade bluetooth speaker is designed with high quality sound technology with 33ft of bluetooth connectivity range.  It also has an IPX7 waterproof design which when taken 3ft under water allows it float to the top.  Compact and convenient to carry around, these speakers are perfect for travel.

The Skullcandy clothing line is designed with comfort and style in mind.  The fleece and flannel hoodies are a snug option for cold mornings.  Skullcandy apparel is peppy and vibrant.  Simple tees highlighted by bold graphic prints are perfect for casual wear.  Pair them with ripped jeans for a fun movie night or weekend bowling.  Pick trendy cotton tees for a casual wardrobe collection.

Upgrade your audio and sound experience with Skullcandy headphones at Sears.  Step up your apparel game with fashion choices from the brand.  Embrace a new style statement today.