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Sonicare toothbrushes:  Keep your teeth sparkly white with smart Sonicare toothbrushes at Sears.


Enjoy top quality dental care with Sonicare toothbrushes.  Featuring smart tech with sensors, the Philips Sonicare brushes at Sears are unique in design.  The sturdy bristles allow you to get into all those gaps and clean your mouth thoroughly.  Sleek and modern, Sonicare brushes are an innovative dental solution for healthy teeth.  From electric rechargeable toothbrushes to smart sonic toothbrushes, Philips Sonicare has versatile options to choose from based on your specific needs.

Remove plaque and improve gum health with the Sonicare Diamondclean smart toothbrush.  Designed with real-time tracking, this brush ensures in-depth cleaning.  The dense central stain-removal bristles help to remove 100% more stain.  With flexible intensity levels, these toothbrushes can work according to your individual comfort levels.  For delicate oral conditions, the Sonicare gum-health toothbrush is a suitable choice.  Working with a gentle motion, this brush offers comfortable use along the gum line.  Safe for dental work, veneers and implants, this toothbrush is ideal for sensitive users.

Sonicare also houses replacement brush heads and travel cases.  The Sonicare standard sonic toothbrush heads serve as perfect replacements when your brushes wear out from use.  Now, the base can be efficiently reused for multiple days.  Easily portable, the toothbrushes also come with Sonicare hard plastic travel cases for compact packing.  These cases are compatible with most Sonicare rechargeable tooth brushes.

From flexible intensity models to timer installed brushes, Sonicare has an innovative range of products.  Pick the right toothbrush and upgrade your dental care regime.