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Starbucks coffee and accessories:  Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee every day with Starbucks coffee from Sears.

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, the tantalizing aroma of coffee is enough to blow you away.  Do it the Starbucks way and stay energized for the adventures that are waiting to happen right through the day.  You could also choose from a collection of signature blends, vacuum cups and specially-designed mugs.

When the coffee cravings hit you in the morning, you can now be your very own self-taught barista.  Get your hands on the Pike Place Roast, K-Cup for Keurig Brewers that reveals a bountiful mix of cocoa and toasted nuts.  The K-cups are compatible with all Keurig brewers.  Elevate the coffee experience by choosing from a selection that includes the Sumatra dark roast, breakfast blend medium roast, veranda blend blonde, French roast and Verona dark roast among others.

Starbucks’ house blend is an amalgam of smooth and rich flavors with delicate hints of nut and cocoa.  You could also go decaf with the Pike Place or the Italian roast, an expertly crafted concoction that is intense and deep with mellow notes of caramelized sugar.  Awaken your taste buds with Starbucks’ Breakfast Blend.  This light and mild coffee blend is smooth and balanced which makes it perfect for every coffee break.

Starbucks does more than satiate you with calorie-rich pick-me-ups.  The brand’s fashionable merchandise includes water bottles, tumblers, travel mugs, ceramic and glass ware and the iconic Starbucks paper cups.  Looking for a gift for a coffee lover friend?  Pick from an array of collectible demi set mugs or the special edition teddy bears.  A range of syrups, hot cocoa, green tea and assorted tea bags are also on offer for those who’d like to steer away from the customary brew.

Tone up your artisan skills of brewing a hot cup of coffee and embrace your mug of happiness with Starbucks’ selection of fine coffee blends.