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Sterilite storage:  Get your home in order with Sterilite storage drawers and baskets from Sears.


Plastics have borne the brunt of getting bad press over the years but they tick all the boxes for form and function with a focus on better storage and organization.  No one understands this better than Sterilite where each piece is designed to solve a specific challenge.  Now you can spend less time hunting for the right box to fit your spices and condiments and more time around the table tucking into sumptuous meals with the family.

Rummaging through the kitchen cabinets to make that quick breakfast on a Monday morning can be exhausting.  With Sterlite’s ultra-seal food storage containers, get all set to tackle the morning rush with boxes that are easy to access, can be clipped right on and are completely leak-proof.  Get more counter space by organizing dishes post washing with the Sterilite Small Ultra Sink Set with an angled drain board design that facilitates easy drainage of water.

Prevent a stationary avalanche in your office with the  Sterilite medium weave 3-drawer storage organizer.  This unit can accommodate 8.5” x 11” sheets of paper, crafts and office supplies that can be retrieved using the driftwood handles.  Keep all frequently used supplies at an arm’s distance with the Clearview Small 5 Drawer Desktop Storage Unit that can fit in a whole range of sewing and beading implements, makeup, stationary, office supplies or even those nitty-gritties that you need for your next fishing trip.

Space shortage does not always have to translate to buying fewer tools and accessories for your garage or workshop.  With the Sterilite 12 gal Industrial Tote Box Storage Organizer you are assured of ample vertical storage space and a lid that allows you to fasten a zip tie so the contents remain intact when you travel to the next jobsite.

All drawers and boxes come in a wide range of fun colors with blueberry and fuchsia lids, espresso finishes, red gaskets and titanium inserts.  From tall trash cans and tote boxes to craft organizers, wide-weave towers and ornament cases, Sterilite’s curated collection ensures that no space is wasted.  You could be thinking of a kitchen renovation or you may want to breathe fresh life into your home office space, either way you can stay equipped with the right tools from Sterilite that update any area in a flash.