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Supergra Shoes:  Add a casual yet stylish touch to your footwear collection with Superga’s range of shoes and sneakers.


Superga has got you covered whether you are out at the beach, looking to drown yourself in a weekend sporting activity or just want to run in the woods.  The sneakers appear super functional and uncommonly stylish with a playful riot of colors for those who would like to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The men’s collection highlights breathability and comfort and the shoes are crafted from canvas or leather.  The Superga 4832 EFGLU trainer sneakers are a part of the Sport Lendl collection that pays homage to its namesake tennis legend and his impeccable on-court style.  With a printed rubber sole and swallow tail perforated design, these shoes even have Ivan Lendl’s signature on the heel.  If you are looking for a robust pair of summer kicks try the 2750 Cotu classic low top casual shoes or the 2795 FGLU lace-up high top sneakers.

The women’s repertoire has an appealing form and there is something for everyone.  It could be Superga’s 2402 COTW slip-on mule in pink, floral sneakers with a classic silhouette or the glitterpatent low-top fashion shoes.  Offering the right balance of support and design, these sneakers are ideal for those who’d like to go casual and elegant or settle for funkier styles.

Kids have a unique collection with a mix of bright colors and bling and made of breathable canvas.  Your little girl could choose between a bright green 2750 Jvel Classic or a 2750 Jcot Classic.  With a sporty rubber outsole, theses sneakers are designed to take on the rigors of that extra-long playtime at the park or a day out at the adventure camp.

With Superga sneakers expect to find a handful of trendy detailing and bold colors and prints that pair well with your casual outfits.  So put your best foot forward and stay stylish and comfortable every time you step out.