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TCL TVs:  Take your everyday experience a notch higher with the range of TCL televisions at Sears.


The TCL store at Sears delivers quality and satisfaction to homes with a broad collection of televisions, appliances and more.  Employing smart solutions and the latest in technology, the brand has continuously evolved to provide better entertainment solutions.

With impeccable sound and picture quality standards, the TCL televisions are designed to offer the ultimate in entertainment.  The brand caters to all your digital visual needs with a bevy of technologically advanced features.  The overall engagement of a viewer is enhanced by the stunning image and sound quality of the TVs.  Check out the TCL 6-series TVs 4K UHD Dolby Vision Smart TV to experience the powerful combination of Dolby Vision and superior 4K UHD picture quality.  Great contrast and brightness further improve your visual experience.  The brand started with the 1-Series, 3-Series, 4-Series, 5-Series and moved on to the sixth version with constant technological developments.  Enjoy stellar imagery with the TCL 5-Series televisions that optimize each and every scene with precise color replication using the HDR Dynamic Contrast Technology.

Collaborating with Roku, TCL extends its services further to optimize your entertainment with a wide selection of connected solutions smart televisions. You can stream all your favorite shows on your TCL TVs with this platform, without any hassles.  This smart association with Roku TV has made the brand the top choice among viewers today.

TCL air conditioners and dehumidifiers allow you to stay cool and comfortable in any part of your home.  Check out a range of portable ACs if you are looking at a convenient solution to maintain the temperature of your space.  These appliances are designed for easy use and low maintenance with flexible timers and energy conserving features.  The window air conditioners by TCL allow you to beat the heat with simple setups and the latest technology.  Furthermore, promoting healthy air quality is easy with dehumidifiers like the TCL 70pt. DEA70EP that help remove excess moisture for a comfortable living space.

The TCL store at Sears has an exhaustive collection of televisions and appliances, offering great value and quality.  Go ahead and check the feature-heavy lineup that is crafted to perfection in order to make your home a better place.