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Targus Products:  Get smart carriers for all your essentials, electronics and tech gizmos from Targus at Sears.

Minimize bulk and travel in style with the sleek Targus backpacks by your side. Sears offers a range of accessories like laptop bags, docking stations and tech accessories from Targus. Designed with the smart principle of form follows function, Targus accessories ensure style and utility go side by side. Each backpack is made with the finest innovation to deliver the best in terms of functionality. From wireless headphones, screen protectors to drifter sleeve cases, Targus is home to all the essential sidekicks that maintain your electronic devices in super-quality condition.

Targus is highlighted by minimalism and practicality in all of its products. The Targus drifter sleeve is a perfect example, the sleek bag carries your laptop with reliable protection and sturdiness. Each of the design elements in the bag has purpose, from the dual zipped front workstation for easy access to the reflective piping helping with visibility. For the corporate traveler, there is a separate executive style collection. The Targus check-point friendly bag is a smart companion which helps you breeze through security checks at the Airport. Featuring an innovative spilt-design that allows scanning without removing the laptop, this unique executive bag collection is a good choice for hassle-free travel.

The products from Targus tech accessories is versatile and smart. Be it headphones for hands-free Bluetooth calls or stylus for touch devices, Targus has all you need to make your day-to-day lifestyle easy. A simple accessory like the Targus privacy screen filter is a useful element that keeps information private without compromising on clarity. If you are looking for an all-in one workstation to dock all your universal tech, the Target dual-display docking stations help by providing connection to 2 monitors at a time. Even essential connectors like cables, storage trays and adaptors are available at the docking station accessories section.

Targus backpacks and tech accessories are worthy companions that help to expand your potential by saving time and accelerating productivity. Get hooked with the best tech accessories from Targus at Sears and make your activities streamlined and simple.