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Enjoy refreshing smoothies with Vitamix blenders from Sears. Durable and strong, these blenders are a fine choice for multiple types of dishes. Designed to operate efficiently for a smooth blending process, Vitamix appliances are one of a kind. Focusing on precision and quality, the blenders are a perfect fit in the modern kitchen.

Looking forward to a creamy hot soup on a cold day? The Vitamix 5300 blender uses a pulse feature to create smooth purees. A compact fit in your storage area, this blender is a useful addition to a large household. For a sleeker and smarter option, the Vitamix Ascent A2500 blender features intuitive controls for improved speed and visibility. The built-in digital timer allows you to enjoy the perfect texture for all your smoothies and desserts.

Vitamix also offers a range of appliances and accessories to blend different types of ingredients. The Vitamix dry grains container is a reliable choice for cereals and bread dough. Equipped with special blades to process dry grains, this blender mixes and accentuates the kneading process. The Vitamix standard frozen mixing machine is just the sous chef you need to create beautiful desserts for your loved ones. With a specific soft ice cream agitator and removable splash guard, the mixer works with efficiency and ease.

Vitamix makes your time in the kitchen more interesting and fun with smart scales and the recipe app. The Vitamix perfect blend smart scale helps you to automatically scale recipes and monitor nutritional values in order to speed up the healthy cooking process. To learn new recipes, the Vitamix 2-speed recipe book is a reliable companion. Follow the app to experiment with new and delicious dishes every day.

From smart apps and timers to special containers, Vitamix blenders make cooking a simple task. Stay fit with healthy recipes prepared in your Vitamix blenders from Sears.