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Wilton Store


Wilton bakeware: Create your own tasty birthday cakes and desserts with Wilton bakeware from Sears.


From baking pans and batter spoons to icing spatulas and food coloring, all you need to start baking is available at the Wilton store at Sears.  The Wilton products also include food storage solutions like casseroles and mixing bowls.  Pick the right utensils for baking and food decorating to make the perfect pastry in your own kitchen.

The art of baking is simple and enjoyable with Wilton bakeware by your side. Prepping for versatile dishes like cupcakes, meatloaves, cakes and biscuits is convenient with the right set of baking pans.  Whether you need cookie sheets, donut pans or round cake bases, Wilton offers appropriate tools for any cooking task.  The Wilton nonstick grill ware range allows for comfortable broiling of fish and other meats.  A range of batter spatulas and cookie spatulas ensure smooth mixing and turning of dishes.

Wilton also offers a large collection of accessories for storage and display of baked goods.  The Wilton casseroles maintain the freshness and taste of your delicacies for a long time.  Insulated and portable, the casseroles are perfect for outdoor parties or late dining.  If you are looking for aesthetic displays, the Wilton chocolate fountain is great for an eye-catching setup.  Pick the vessel that suits your dining table and create an impressive arrangement of baked goods.

Get innovative with cupcakes and layered desserts when you choose from the vast selection of Wilton cake decoratives.  Adorn your cakes with confetti sprinkles or decorator fondant for that perfect finishing touch.  The Wilton fondant modeling tool enables easy carving of patterns.  The brand also houses interesting kid’s baking and decorating tools.  From candy decorating pens to cookie decorator kits, let the little ones get their first taste of baking fun and excitement.

Discover a whole new hobby in baking with Wilton bakeware from Sears.  Set up your kitchen today with all the essential baking utensils you need for delicious cakes and confectionary.