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Juegos de herramientas

El juego de herramientas adecuado para cualquier trabajo o mecánico

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Juegos de herramientas grandes

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Ver todo en Juegos de herramientas

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Build and make repairs with tool sets

Tool sets are essential for every home, garage and shop. Confidently take on home improvement, woodworking and carpentry projects with power tool combo kits to make quick work of any task. If you enjoy working on your car, choose from a wide variety of auto kits and wrench sets specifically for working under the hood. Whether you're in need of tools for professional or household jobs, you can find quality sets from Sears that meet your needs.

Caring for your property is easier with homeowner tool sets. These basic kits contain everything you'll need to keep up with day-to-day projects. Replace outdated fixtures using screwdrivers and pliers, or hang artwork with a hammer and level. Repair furniture and simple electronics with a wrench and selection of sockets. Use a more expansive set with ratchets or power tools for complex projects.

If you're a professional, you can depend on our durable specialty sets for a wide variety of projects. Mechanics' tool sets include a more comprehensive selection of wrenches, sockets and adapters along with other essentials to keep cars and trucks running smoothly. Use auto body kits to repair dents and dings. If you're a woodworker, carpenter or electrician, you can save yourself the hassle of buying tools separately by investing in a complete set designed to meet your needs. Tackle any tough task with quality tool sets from Sears.