Excited Work power cordless rotary tools kits,3.7v mini grinder front led work light, usb charging cable,ergonomic design,easy to carry-by

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??Diamond Bits?: For fine detail work, engraving, carving, touch-up andfinishing. Use on wood, jade, ceramic, glass, hardened steel, semi precious | ??Drum Band?: Use to grind or smooth workpieces made of wood or glassfiber material. Use with the provided grinding drum. | ??Mandrels?: Shafts with screw or threaded head, which are designed forretaining grinding and polishing wheels. | ??Drill Bits?: Use for drilling holes in work-pieces made of plastic, wood ometal. Cleaning, maintenance | ??Dressing Stone?: Use for cleaning and whetting grinding stones, if theirsurface has become irregular or dirty. | ??Polishing Wheels?: Use to polish work-pieces made of metal and plastic. | ??CUSTOMER SERVICE AND GUARANTEE?: The Excited Work team is responsible for Excited Work brand series of products. If you have any installation problems, please feel free to contact us. If any part is lost or damaged during transportation, we will solve the problem in the way you want (free replacement or discount)

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