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Hit the Pavement with new Roller Hockey Gear from Sears

During those gorgeous weather days, it's fun to switch up your hockey practice routine with a little outdoor roller hockey. This fast-paced sport requires less padding than regular ice hockey, but you should still take proper safety precautions while playing. Sears has protective gear for roller hockey like goalie helmets and chest protectors as well as other necessary accessories like balls for the sport.

Like ice hockey equipment, goalies need more protection than any other position. Every time a player shoots on the goal, goalies run the risk of being injured by a high-speed puck. Luckily for them, Sears has goalie gloves, chest protectors, helmets and other gear for roller hockey. Goalie gloves allow for them to easily cup the ball and toss it back out for the offense to take down the pavement. A caged in helmet allows goalies to avoid face and head injury while players are shooting on the goal. Chest protectors help defend the upper body from being hit by flying pucks and sticks. Sears makes it easy for goalies to properly protect themselves from game-time injuries so they can worry about defending the goal and not worry about injuries.

While it's important for roller hockey players to have in-line skating accessories like extra wheels and bearings, it's vital to the sport for players to have accessories like hockey sticks and balls. Sears has right and left-handed, lightweight sticks for players to handle the ball with. After months of wear and tear, sometimes nets rip. Be sure to have a spare replacement net on hand so that if wear and tear shows during the game, you can call a time out and quickly replace it. Keep extra accessories on-hand so that nothing stops you from playing your favorite sport.

Gloves for goalies help protect them from bruised and broken fingers. For other positions, gloves serve not only as protective gear, but also as a way to grip the stick even with sweaty hands. In-line skating protective gear like gloves, should be worn as extra protection while you're on your roller blades so that you avoid injury the best you can. Especially for ice hockey players that play roller hockey as extra practice, you wouldn't want to get hurt before the big game. Grab a pair of gloves for extra protection and grip while you're playing and practicing.

Roller hockey players need gear and accessories to play the sport they love. You can find all the equipment you need for the sport quickly and easily when you shop at Sears.