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Snowboarding Equipment with a Custom Feel

Snowboarding equipment includes gear like boots, binding and helmets so that you have everything you need to hit the slopes. Buy all-in-one snowboard packages or put together your own boots and bindings for a truly custom bundle. Sears has all the gear you need in one place, so no matter what style you ride it's easy to find the perfect snowboard.

Once you choose a snowboard based on your skill level, weight and terrain preferences, it's time to pick out bindings. There are two types of binding: rear-entry and strap-in. Rear-entry allows you to keep the snowboard tight while you simply step into the binding. These allow the rider to hop on the board quickly and start shredding their skiing equipment. Strap-in systems have belts that rest on top of the foot. You put your boot into the binding by unstrapping it. You must also consider the flexibility once you choose a binding. Flexibility is rated on a scale from 1-10, 10 being stiffest. Choose a medium amount of flex (3-5) for riders who enjoy a bit of everything. For freestyle riders, choose a soft binding (1-2) and racers should go with a stiff binding (6-10). If you choose a different brand than your board, check the compatibility. Most bindings and boards will match up, even if they're different brands, but that's not always the case.

It helps to wear the right shoes with your skateboarding equipment. The same rule applies for snowboarding equipment and boots. Use soft to medium flexibility boots for all mountain riders, soft for freestylers and hard for racers or freeriders.

Snow recreation sports, specifically high-speed ones like snowboarding, require helmets and other safety protective gear. Sears has a huge selection from which to choose so that you can prevent the chance of injury while you're carving fresh powder. Find full face, half shell and full shell helmets for different levels of protection. Full face offers the most protection, followed by full shell which covers everything besides the jaw. Half shell offers less protection and leaves your ears uncovered for better hearing. This type of helmet is ideal for casual riders just looking to float down the slopes. Don't let any injury keep you from the ski hills, Sears has all the gear to keep you protected while you snowboard.

When it comes to snowboarding, it's important to have all the right equipment. Sears has everything you need for the slopes all in one place, so you can spend more time snowboarding and less time shopping.