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Extreme Sports

Load up on extreme sports gear for all your action sports    

Not everyone gets the same thrill from everyday sports like baseball and football. Extreme sports like skateboarding, in-line skating and snowboarding provide an extra thrill you don't get from run-of-the mill team sports. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find the proper extreme sports equipment when you're ready for a day of adventurous activities. Sears carries a large selection of extreme sports gear ranging from in-line skates to paintball accessories. You'll find all sorts of gear from high-quality brands so you can attack almost any action sport with ease.

Whether you need ski accessories for the slopes or your kid wants a brand-new skateboard for the park, Sears has a wide variety of extreme sports gear for any occasion. Pick from a large selection of girls' and boys' skateboards and skis available in many unique designs and colors. Looking to enjoy a fun game of street hockey or day at the roller rink? Choose from all kinds of in-line and roller skates in sizes for both children and adults. 

If you decide to take up a new sport like mixed martial arts or boxing, it's important to have the necessary extreme sports equipment before you start. Both sports use intense training regimens that help keep your body in great shape. Prepare yourself for the ring or gym with a wide selection of boxing and MMA accessories. You'll find all sorts of apparel, protective gear and gloves sparring and organized competition. When you're training, make sure your gym is also equipped with jump ropes and punching bags so you're prepared for your next match.

One of the most exhilarating action sports to play is paintball. From capture the flag to elimination-style, it's important that every participant has the right extreme sports gear for any type of friendly match. Sears has all the paintball equipment you need for both indoor and outdoor fields. Choose from an abundant selection of chest protectors, masks and neck guards to help you stay safe. Remember also to stock up on harnesses and other accessories so you stay ahead of the competition.

You love to get your competitive juices flowing. From boxing accessories to skateboards, Sears has all types of extreme sports gear to accommodate most action sports.