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Air hockey tables make game rooms fun

It does not matter if your game room is in the basement, in a garage or just a spare bedroom. Air hockey tables turn any space into a favorite hangout for friends and family members. If your room allows for it, buy a full-sized 7-ft. table that will become the centerpiece of your game room. Depending on your space constraints, you also have the option of buying 6- or 8-ft. tables. Equipped with an 110-volt motor, you can feel the air moving through the holes in the surface as the centrifugal air blower turns on. Make sure that you place this equipment near an outlet to keep unsightly extension cords from being visible.

High-end tables now come with LED displays that fit in seamlessly with your choice of home entertainment center plasma TV and other modern appliances. Touch screen controls make score-keeping easy. When you are dealing with space constraints, opt for a table top version of the game rather than a stand-alone game table. Measuring about 40 in. in length and 20 in. in width, you still get a respectable 100 cfm of air output. Just like the larger game tables, find a place near an outlet to power this game.

Since not all of your family members and friends can play at the air hockey table at the same time, include some arcade games into your room setup. Old-fashioned Pac-Man is a favorite for the old-timers who remember this game from their youths. Add a few dart arcade games and a pinball machine for the ultimate game room experience. Since these games are narrow and tall, you can fit quite a few into a small space.

For the folks who want to get a bit physical, an electronic basketball game is an excellent choice. A double hoop game allows for a little bit of friendly competition between rivaling players. Go for the single shot option when you only want to allow one person to shoot hoops at a time. Since this game is a bit more physical than the arcade games, be sure to allow for sufficient elbow room.

Another game room must-have is the rod hockey table. Stand-alone game tables come with a dome to keep the puck confined to the game. Control your hockey players by sliding them along the surface. This game plays a little bit like foosball. Smaller table top versions let you use a counter that you have already on hand and transform it into a rod hockey table.

Sears is your one-stop-shop for air hockey tables, arcade games, electronic basketball game products and rod hockey table selections. Buy your complete game room setup today for a same-night installation. By this weekend, you will have a fun space that is ready for action.

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