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Hot Tubs & Saunas

Find peace and relaxation with luxurious spa equipment

Take advantage of the soothing sounds of nature by creating a home spa in your very own backyard. Between therapeutic massages, manicures, a relaxing dip in the hot tub and a cleanse in the steam room, spending the day at an all-inclusive spa can get expensive. Save money and enjoy deep relaxation in the comfort of your own home with spa equipment like sauna and hot tub supplies.

After a full day of hard work and no play, reward yourself with a soothing dip in your swimming pool and hot tub. Whether you're fatigued from physical activity or your body is tense from a long day in your cubicle, spending time regularly in a hot tub will make your muscles and joints rejoice. Strategically placed therapeutic jets ensure that your body benefits fully from the pulsating streams of water. Position yourself in the spa with the jets pointed directly at your lower back, or sink down a little deeper to have them work on your shoulders for a hands-free back massage.

Create a peaceful ambiance in your backyard with the hot tubs for sale at Sears. Control the temperature of your hot tub to get the most out of your spa supplies in all seasons, and look bronzed even in the winter months with at-home tanning sessions. Complete your calming sanctuary with an outdoor fireplace for total bliss.