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Family Recreation

Family recreation supplies can help bring loved ones together

Family recreation gear provides a fun and exciting way to bond with the ones you love. Skip movie night and try something new, like a family camping trip with bikes in tow or a family pool tournament in the game room. These group activities allow everyone to participate while creating cherished memories together.

Nature lovers will appreciate exhilarating family camping gear from Sears while experiencing the great outdoors firsthand. Set up a spacious tent or canopy and you'll be prepared for any weather conditions. A plush sleeping bag or air mattress can help keep campers comfortable all night long while slumbering under the stars. When morning arrives, take a family hiking trip to see new sights. Pack a backpack and trek through the trails, or head to a nearby lake for a boating adventure.

You don’t have to hit the road to enjoy family recreation. Consider adding fun outdoor fixtures to the backyard, like a swimming pool or hot tub, to enjoy a dip whenever you want. The whole family will have a blast while splashing in the waters on a beautiful day. Sears also has plenty of game room accessories for indoor fun. Choose from billiards sets, dart boards, combination game tables and more. Spend quality time with your loved ones using new family recreation gear.