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Test your Coordination and Stability with a Balance Board from Sears

Balance boards are portable devices that can challenge your entire body during any workout. Sears carries solid boards and inflatable models that boost the intensity of many training sessions. Balance trainers are great for beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike. These low-impact devices are gentle on the joints while refining balancing skills. With regular, regimented use, you'll enjoy increased stability during daily activities, whether hitting the yoga mat or reaching a high shelf.

Solid balance boards are durable and lightweight option for home workouts. Your legs, arms and core immediately activate to keep the body stable as the board wobbles back and forth, which helps improve coordination. As muscles strengthen and balance improves, introduce movements like squats or planks to keep your skills sharp and make your routine more intense.

Balance trainers are also offered in inflatable options that can be adapted to your current skill level. Under inflate the trainer for a little extra give. If you're a beginner, you'll appreciate the stability as they develop their technique. More advanced users can inflate the trainer completely for a firmer surface that easily wobbles After the workout is complete, simply deflate the trainer and store it in a gym bag. Tone your muscles with portable balance boards from Sears.