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Enjoy the Benefits of Decompression with a new Inversion Table from Sears

Whether you're a competitive athlete or work a demanding job that keeps you on your feet for hours at a time, an inversion table can help to provide relief from common aches and pains. Inversion therapy is a simple process that involves securing your feet into reliable straps at the edge of the device and lying back as you hang comfortably at varying angles up to 90 degrees from the horizontal position. Users of any age will find something to love from the selection of inversion benches available at Sears.

Getting started with a new inversion table is easy. After assembling the unit on top of your gym flooring, step onto the footrest and secure your ankles using the durable straps or leg rollers. Some models include additional restraint features, including body straps, cushioned back and headrests as well as side bars. If there is a locking mechanism, release the pin and slowly tilt the inversion bench into an inverted position that is comfortable for you with the help of a friend or by using the handgrips.

For even greater relief, choose from a selection of inversion tables that incorporate infrared heating technology to loosen stiff muscles. Use the included remote control to adjust the temperature while you recline. Get the relief you need with a new inversion table and inversion table accessories from Sears.