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Get a Full-Body Workout Using a Rowing Machine

In this era of desk jobs and inactive lifestyle, it is crucial to keep your fitness level in check. The best way to lose weight and improve your health is by investing in top-quality rowing machines. By doing a few exercises regularly on rowers you can not only enhance your posture, but also get your cardio done and increase your stamina. At Sears, you can choose from a wide-ranging collection of rowing machines at great deals.

Add Variety to Your Exercise Routine

Rowing helps in transforming your full body. In every stroke, approximately 65 % of muscle involvement is from the legs, including quadriceps, calves and glutes. The remaining 35% exercises the upper body, targeting arms, pecs, abdominal muscles and obliques. You can increase trunk flexion, back strength and lower your cholesterol levels by including rowing exercise in your daily fitness routine. Efficiently burn calories minus the added stress on joints using these rowers available at Sears. Manage the pace and movement using the ergonomic settings.

Build Your Stamina

Choose The Stamina Precision Rower for a great cardio workout and strength training benefits. This rowing machine has eight resistance levels, which can be adjusted using hydraulic cylinders. The precision rower comes with foam grips, a padded gliding seat and a built-in monitor that displays vital stats. You can also check out the Gymax 8 Adjustable Resistance Folding Magnetic Rowing Machine with monitor. This flexible construct has an aluminum rail and transport wheels to easily move and store in a corner. Enjoy heavy-duty workouts? Try the sturdy Costway Magnetic Rowing Machine Foldable Exercise Rower with LCD monitor. This magnetic rower has high load-bearing capacity and lets you pick the intensity from 16 levels to keep your workouts interesting. Another option is the Gymax 4-in-1 Folding Rowing Machine cum Ab Crunch Workout Machine with control panel, which combines 4 different modes to help achieve a full-body workout on just one machine.

Choosing the Right Rower

You can choose from different types of rowers available, including manual rowers, magnetic rowers, water rowers, hydraulic rowers and more. Each come with exclusive features, suitable for different intensity training or workout. Sears brings the best workout equipment from top brands like Costway, Giantex, Gymax, Stamina, Generic and more under one roof. Browse through Sears' wide variety to buy the best rowing machines.