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Step Machines and Exercise Steppers to Meet Your Fitness Needs

Step machines and aerobic steppers are great for toning your lower body and burning calories. These versatile options aid in improving endurance and cardio health. While a stepper can be used for a variety of exercises like squat jumps, back push-ups and lateral lunges, a stepping machine can be used for toning muscles by changing the speed and style of your steps. Choose high-quality steppers at Sears ranging from a mini twist stepper to a full-size model.

Pick the Right Stepper for Your Home Gym

While investing on a stepping machine, you should consider various factors like budget, your necessity according to fitness level and the room size. While few steppers come with add-ons like resistance bands for proper toning, others come with function like built-in elliptical. Choose from many affordable options from top brands like Goplus, Costway, Segawe, Gymax, Winado, Generic available at Sears.

Foldable steppers

If you're looking to get a serious workout session, a foldable stepping machine like the Stamina SpaceMate Folding Stepper with the battery-operated electronic monitor to count your steps, is apt for you. The foldable design easily fits under the bed or in a closet for storage convenience.

Adjustable steppers

A stackable aerobic stepper like Goplus 31" Fitness Aerobic Step Exercise Stepper Platform with 4"- 6"- 8" adjustable height is convenient and easy to work with. Do push up, sitting leg raises, mountain climber, split-squat with the Costway 28" Aerobic Exercise Stepper Trainer with 5"- 7"- 9" adjustable height, anti-slip foot pads and textured surface.

Vertical climbers

Build muscle or burn calories with the MaxiClimber Vertical Climber or Generic Vertical Climber Stepper 2 in 1 Climbing Machine Stair that uses your bodyweight as resistance. Duplicating actual rock climbing action, these vertical climbers are made for intense cardio routines by targeting all areas of your body.

Mini steppers

Burn extra calories while reading a book or watching television at home with the Gymax Portable Mini Magnetic Resistance Adjustable Elliptical Stepper Machine. This mini stepper can be used while standing or seated as per your requirement. The LED monitor on the Sportsroyals Stair Stepper with resistance band can record exercise time, count, calories burned and distance in mile.

Buy best quality aerobic steppers and stepping machines from Sears to make the most out of your fitness routine. There are many compact, lightweight, portable and foldable options that will help you get your body toned without occupying much space in your living room.