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Tone up those Muscles with Sturdy Dumbbells from Sears

You can sit on your cycle all day long, but you won't build up those biceps without some strength training. A balanced diet and daily cardio is best supplemented by the right weight training techniques. Whether you're looking for a small dumbbell set to tone up your arms or a bigger setup with a bar and discs for a full body workout, Sears has exactly what you need.

Smaller dumbbell weights are great for beginners, but many sets come with a wide variety options for novices and experienced lifters. The latest hand weights allow for a flexible upper body workout and also feature a cushion grip that is safe and secure. A hexagonal 5 lb. dumbbell can enhance your exercise session when you're walking, doing yoga or taking that painfully boot-camp-like aerobics class. If your living space is small, an adjustable dumbbell set is compact and easy to store. With a vinyl-coated surface and steel-welded construction, this versatile set ensures that you will have firm muscles in no time. Pull out your weight bench or clear some room in the basement, and you're good to go.

If you're looking at a more challenging workout, barbells will work for both, upper and lower body exercises. Barbell sets come with weight plates and spin-lock collars to keep these plates secure when in use. The W-shaped handlebars provide a safe and comfortable grip, challenging you to go above and beyond with every session. From inversion tables to dumbbells, get all the fitness equipment you need at Sears to make a leaner, toned body.