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Expand your Home Gym with new Kettlebells from Sears

Even if you already have a comprehensive collection of strength training equipment for your home gym, kettlebells can be used for a variety of beneficial exercises that other common gear simply cannot recreate. By extending the weight beyond the grip of the user, these devices require more core muscles to maneuver than standard barbells and dumbbells. Perform squats, curls, presses and more with a new kettlebell set from Sears.

Beginners and advanced lifters alike will appreciate the versatility of a new kettlebell. Choose an individual bell in weights ranging from 5 lbs. all the way up to 26 lbs. or more. While one kettlebell is more than sufficient for many common workouts, including swings, holds, presses and extensions, two can be used simultaneously for added versatility. With a complete kettlebell set, you'll be able to work from lowest to highest, or mix and match to fine-tune muscle groups that need more or less work. No matter which type of kettlebell you choose, gym tiles can help protect flooring from damage caused by dropping the weights.

While kettlebells can easily be used in conjunction with other strength training and fitness equipment like a home weight bench, many of these exercises require absolutely no additional equipment and take up very little space. Set up a versatile workout space in the bedroom, living room or expand a home gym with new kettlebells from Sears.