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Expand your Workout Routine with Medicine Balls from Sears

Every workout routine eventually reaches a point of diminishing returns, but adding medicine ball exercises into the mix allows progression to continue even with familiar exercises. Sears carries a wide selection of weight balls in various weights. You'll find models that beginners should have no trouble adding into routines. When you're ready to ramp up a session, choose from balls in heavier weights. Medicine balls are also a smart alternative when you're looking to build muscle but may not have the space or desire to invest in weight sets just yet.

Weight balls make an excellent complement to kettlebells in a home gym. While adding medicine ball to your exercises can help burn calories, they also make it easier to train for specific sports-related moves and enable plyometric exercises by using quick bursts of energy to build muscle. Both ball and kettlebells help build muscle during regular exercises like lunges or squats, and alternating between these pieces of weight training equipment help create balanced workouts.

When weight balls start to feel light like a basketball, it might be time for something more challenging. Sears carries find weight balls that weigh more than 25 pounds to suit what you need. Make the most of your exercises by adding medicine balls to your daily workout routines.