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Strength & Weight Training



Tone up the right way with weight lifting equipment from Sears


You can run until your legs fall off, but no workout regimen is complete without weight training. As much as you cut out sugar or jog on the treadmill, your body will only start to tone up when you begin to use weight lifting equipment. Whether you’re looking for something as simple as kettlebells, or you're in the market for a highly advanced weight bench, weight training is a must for any well-rounded routine. No matter the type of fitness accessories and machines, Sears has everything you need. 

Body weights and strength training aids can be easily stored at home, even if you don’t have tons of space. You can also opt for weight sets that focus on core muscle groups with deadlifts, squats, and lunges. A sturdy weight bench will provide a stable surface to perform all kinds of strength-training exercises. Weight training equipment like power towers is versatile stations where you can work on your lower and upper body strength. With padded armrests, durable frames and slip-resistant leg materials, you'll feel comfortably challenged all throughout your session. Once you’re done, just hop onto your exercise cycle to loosen up all those joints and muscles for a cardio-centric finish. 

For the serious fitness fanatic, a home gym offers the ability to carry out lots of exercises on one machine. Whether it's bench presses, leg raises or ab crunches, you can do it all in a one-stop-shop. For added stability, simply spread gym tiles across your exercise space, and your floors will stay safe from harm. From ellipticals to strength training equipment, you will find exactly what you’re looking for at Sears