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Maintain the Condition of your Machine with Treadmill Parts from Sears

Achieving fitness goals can be demanding for athletes or novices, but it can also take a toll on some of the most-used equipment in a home gym. If your cardio equipment is suffering from the telltale signs of wear and tear, take repairs into your own hands with new treadmill parts.

Without the proper footing, running or walking on a treadmill can become a hazardous exercise. Over time the running belt can become worn down, even to the point of tearing, which can lead to irreversible damage to your equipment. Sears carries reliable and durable running belts and replacement safety keys for making your health a top priority.

If you notice that your treadmill is delivering insufficient power or is a bit sluggish, a faulty motor or motor belt could be the culprit. After replacing the damaged parts, double check the front and rear rollers for cracks. Also, make sure to loose fasteners before properly lubricating the bearings and other mechanical components. Don't let basic repairs keep you from making your fitness dreams a reality. From replacement running decks and climber pistons to electric drives and controller boards, Sears has the treadmill parts and treadmill accessories that you need to keep your equipment in great condition for years to come.