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Challenge your Stability and Core Muscles with an Exercise Ball from Sears

When used properly, an exercise ball is a small piece of equipment can have a big impact on core stability. A balance ball adds versatility to any workout, from yoga to plyometric exercises. Spread a yoga mat on the floor and inflate a ball to prepare for a total body workout. Choose from a variety of sizes at Sears to find a comfortable fit for any height.

A Balance ball can improve both strength and coordination. The round, squishy surface of the vinyl ball challenges muscles as you balance your body. Add increased resistance to bodyweight exercises, like crunches and push-ups, by integrating this new piece of equipment. Yoga experts can add gentle support to tricky poses with a yoga kit and exercise ball. Slide the ball under your body during a challenging Wheel pose to assist with balance.

While a yoga ball is widely used at the gym, these versatile items are also common in cubicles and physical therapy offices. Leave your office chair during a portion of the workday and keep your muscles engaged with a balance ball. When you're done, simply deflate it and store the flattened ball on a shelf. Kick up workouts a notch with an exercise ball.