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Yoga & Pilates

Challenge your muscles with versatile yoga equipment

A few pieces of yoga equipment can transform any room into a relaxing studio. Sears has yoga equipment that can cater to fitness enthusiasts of any skill level. Whether you're working your muscles on a pilates machine or deepening your pose with a yoga strap, this quality equipment will support you during any workout. Grab a sports water bottle and roll out your mat to begin a soothing session.

Both beginning and advanced practitioners can find a peaceful place to work on a soft yoga mat. A basic sticky mat helps to plant the feet and hands firmly during a series of poses. Pick from a rainbow of colors and nature-inspired prints to brighten up the practice. Accessories like straps and blocks can help guide the body into more challenging poses without straining the muscles. These small devices can fit into any yoga bag with plenty of space for your workout apparel and footwear.

Pilates enthusiasts can also find supplies to enhance a home workout area. With a fitness tracker and pilates machine, you can start a serious core workout. From stability chairs to reformer machines, you can find a multitude of devices to fit any home gym. If your home is short on space, try compact pilates equipment like resistance bands and mini exercise balls. Workout from the comfort of your own home with the latest yoga equipment from Sears.