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Get the Most from your Game with the Latest Golf Balls

The right golf ball ensures you get the most out of every swing. Featuring a classic dimpled surface and an innovative two-layer core, these balls are designed for ample control and distance. Whether you're driving or putting, the responsive coating always lets you know when you've made good contact with your golf clubs. Choose tour packs for the course or practice balls with specially weighted cores to help improve your swinging motion. Play just like a professional with the latest regulation golf balls.

Choose from a wide selection of golf balls for every style of play. A pack of distance balls is made for explosive velocity and low spin. They're great for practicing at the driving range or speeding up your round at your local course. You'll find multicolor practice sets to work on your putt or chip shot in the backyard. The fluorescent coating allows for greater visibility, while the special dimple configuration allows for a longer carry.

From golf tees and rangefinders to chipping nets and ball markers, Sears has all the golf accessories you need for your next outing. Whether you're practicing at the driving range or competing on a professional course, stay on top of your game with the latest golf balls.