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Find Camping Dishes and Utensils for your Outdoor Meals

No camping trip is complete without a plan to enjoy an outdoor meal or two. If this trip is a family tradition, then consider investing in camping dishes and cook sets designed specifically for the occasion. Sears carries lightweight camping utensils and dishes that fit perfectly in your backpack or cargo carrier. You'll find everything from cast iron sets to collections with non-stick surfaces.

Compiling camping kitchen supplies can be a chore, but there are kits that have everything you need. Choose from kits that not only include camping utensils and plates but that also have various types of cookware, ranging from camping stoves and frying pans to kettles and griddles. If you need some coffee to start your day, consider a set with a coffee kettle so you can brew a fresh cup each morning. Some sets even have insulated thermos, bottles and mugs so you can enjoy a warm drink or cool beverage throughout your trip.

Whether you're going on a vigorous hiking trip or camping peacefully with the family, you need durable equipment to handle the great outdoors. Sears carries a wide variety of camping dishes and utensils so you can enjoy any meal away from home.