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Stay Clean with a Camping Shower from Sears

Although camping outdoors can be exhilarating, spending multiple days at the campsite can also make you exhausted and dirty. If you spend lots of time hiking through muddy trails, a quick shower can make all the difference in the world before the day is done. Sears has you covered with a wide range of camping showers so you're clean throughout the trip.

Whether you build up a sweat hiking or get dirty beating through brush, it's important to wash up and feel refreshed. Before kicking back in your hammock for rest, consider using a camping shower. Many of these devices are battery-operated and pull water from buckets or clean streams. Some models use a hanging water carrier that dispenses water through a shower hose. Whichever design you choose, a portable shower makes washing up in the wilderness as easy as possible.

Even if you thrive in the wilderness, a cold shower just doesn't do it. If you or another member of your party crave the comfort of a warm shower, don't settle for less. Some models include built-in portable water heaters that connect to the shower hoses, providing you a warm, soothing rinse.

Don't let dirt and sweat make a trip outdoors uncomfortable. Sears carries camping showers to keep you clean on your next expedition.