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Hydration Packs Help you Stay Moving

Hydration packs are a clever solution to help you carry the fluids you need to stay refreshed and safe on the go. Whether you're training for a marathon or lacing up your men's hiking boots for a day on the trail, you can all find the right portable hydration pack for your needs at Sears.

Hydration packs allow you to replace the water bottle with a backpack filled with the right amount of fluids to take you through an activity. These packs use a convenient straw so you can take a drink without having to stop or use your hands. This will help you maintain momentum while staying hydrated. Features and capacity can vary widely from one pack to another, so it is important to pick one that best meets your needs. You don't want to carry a heavy hiking backpack with lots of extra water and storage space if you're only planning a two-hour run.

Hydration packs come in contemporary designs for both men and women who want the freedom to continue their run or ride without interruption. Choose from a wide selection of comfortable and convenient hydration packs to turbocharge your performance while keeping the adverse effects of heat, sweat and loss of fluids at bay.