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Rely on Trekking Poles through Rocky Conditions

Most hikers know that you should expect the unexpected while on the trail. Along with the hiking or climbing gear you bring to ward off the elements, plan for challenging terrain with trekking poles. They'll help you gain momentum and traction whether you face rocky inclines or muddy patches of trail. Sears offers an assortment of models and types suitable for every hiker.

Our trekking poles and walking sticks provide the stability you need to take on the trail successfully. These poles enhance propulsion on high-altitude climbs and help hikers maintain a consistent rhythm throughout the journey. Trekking poles also improve balance when hikers travel on steep hills and provide support through all types of terrain.

Trekking poles with anti-shock materials can help absorb impact and take the stress off of the hip joints, knees, ankles and feet. This lightweight and durable gear is easy to bring on the road and won?t be a weighty inconvenience. When you need a short break, simply lean on your sturdy trekking pole to take a rest from hauling gear in your hiking pack.

Adjustable designs ensure you can enjoy optimal comfort no matter your height. Some models include built-in camera mounts, so you can capture every memorable moment. You're bound for a more enjoyable walk on the trail with the use of a trekking pole.