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Find hiking gear for the entire family at Sears

From breathtaking mountain climbs to journeys through the local woods, hiking is always a fun outdoor activity. However, you need plenty of hiking gear to prepare for any challenge you may encounter on the trail. Sears carries a wide selection of supplies ranging from backpacks to hydration packs so you can perform your best during any outdoor adventure.

The two most essential pieces of hiking equipment are hydration packs and hiking boots. These durable packs are light weight so you're not burdened on your climb or hike. For a comfortable walk or climb, consider wearing hiking boots. This footwear provides top-notch grip and are thick enough to withstand wet weather.

During a trek, you need a place to keep all your hiking gear. Store your necessities in a variety of hands-free waist packs to hold your supplies as you concentrate on the hike. Waist packs come in handy to store first aid supplies, such as adhesive bandages and medication. You can also use a waist or backpack to store other important essentials like sunscreen and lip balm so they're always within reach.                   

Different types of hiking equipment can make the journey as easy as possible. Whether you're a casual hiker or intrepid explorer, prepare yourself to go the distance with durable and versatile hiking gear from Sears.