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Camping & Hiking


Enjoy the great outdoors with new camping and hiking gear from Sears


Chart a course for excitement with new hiking gear. Whether you'd rather be roughing it way out in the remote backcountry or prefer the modern luxuries of glamping in style, the right camping gear can make your next weekend away more fun and comfortable. Sears has all the camping equipment you need for short day trips in the woods or lengthy excursions deep into the heart of the wilderness.

Camping overnight calls for a sturdy tent while you enjoy a lovely night’s sleep under the stars. Keep unwanted pests away with a lightweight model that can be easily folded and put into your backpack. If you’re used to sleeping soundly in your king-sized bed and a sleeping bag just won't cut it, then you're going to want a cozy camping air mattress. Don’t forget a few comfortable chairs to relax around the campfire as you roast s’mores and share special memories. If a solid trek is on the agenda, hiking equipment and climbing gear are an absolute must. You can also pack a few outdoor games for when you’re back at the campsite and have some free time.

It's always good to be prepared for anything when you’re far away from home, so survival camping gear and first aid kits should never be forgotten. A flashlight or lantern will be extremely useful, especially after sunset. From camping equipment to hunting accessories, Sears has everything you need for an active weekend away from home.