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Catch more Fish with Quality Fish Finders from Sears

You've got to find the fish before you can catch them. With fish finders, you can let the machines do the work while you enjoy the wide open sea. Sears carries a wide range of fish finders for freshwater and saltwater use, so that you can easily locate your catch before you cast your reel.

Sonar can help you find fish easily. It's measured by sending out sound waves that determine how far away and how big the item is. Sears has sonar fish finders that you can put on your boat for optimal fishing. Once you've found a school of fish, grab your fishing rod and cast your line. Using a fish finder greatly increases your chances of hooking a fish. Instead of simply working off of an educated guess, seek out the fish to yield a greater bounty.

When shopping for a fish finder, keep in mind that there is a difference between freshwater and saltwater devices. The speed of sound is slower in freshwater than in saltwater so the same device won't be accurate for both bodies of water. Sears has both fresh and saltwater electric fish finders. When you're shopping, you'll discover that there are different fishing accessories and fish finders different bodies of water. For shallow water, look for high frequency transducers. For deep water fishing, look for low frequency transducers. We have everything you need to help optimize your fishing experience.

Sears has electric fish finders with black and white screens as well as color screens. A black and white screen may be enough for just a simple fishing trip, but color screens are ideal for fishermen who want to see the different types of fish in the water. Some models will even have a GPS installed. If you get lost or your boat is malfunctioning, it's easy to share your coordinates with the coast guard or neighboring boats so that you can seek help quickly and get to safety. These devices are meant to make fishing an easy and enjoyable experience. Just drop your fishing line and wait for your favorite fish to bite.

Find the perfect fish finder for your boat. Sears has a huge selection of fishing gear so that you have everything you need for your day out on the water.