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Find Hunting Apparel that Hits the Mark

Both weekend warriors and veteran sportsmen need the right gear for all their favorite outdoor sports. Whether you're chasing fish, fowl or big game, hunting apparel from Sears will keep you on target.

When you're properly outfitted, you can focus on the pursuit of the hunt. One of your most important hunting supplies is apparel with the right blend of comfort and technology from head to toe. Start with fleece base layers to keep you warm and dry. Sunglasses protect your eyes and help you focus on your target. Hats can add another layer of camo or alert other hunters with a safety orange hue. Balaclavas and masks protect your face from cold and wet surroundings.

For your outer layers, quiet suede pants mask the sound of movements so you can silently stalk your quarry. Scent-blocking jackets prevent animals from detecting odors during the pursuit. Mesh nylon shirts wick sweat away to keep you cool while angling. Neoprene gloves protect your hands when you?re aiming at or cleaning your bounty. Waterproof rain gear ensures you can enjoy your outing even if the weather turns.

For some, hunting is a hobby. For others, it is a way of life. No matter where you are on the spectrum, you'll hit the mark with hunting apparel from Sears.