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Make the most of your next outdoor excursion with new hunting gear from Sears

Track, catch and process small or large game with versatile hunting gear and accessories. From gun storage and safety equipment to game processing supplies, Sears has the hunting and fishing gear you need to succeed in the wilderness.

Prepare for long days spent outdoors by packing weather-resistant hunting apparel that can help protect you from sun, rain and snow. Accommodate everyone in the group with men's’, women’s and youth sizes. Choose from a variety of camouflage prints and bright, highly visible designs. When traveling by ATV, enhance the journey with ATV accessories. ATV gun racks provide a convenient way to transport weapons. Instead of carrying packs, duffels and camping equipment all day, try storing them in secure ATV storage compartments.

Whether you prefer to shoot targets or live game, high quality weapons and hunting equipment are sure to give you an edge over the competition. When target shooting, the right archery gear can mean the difference between hitting the haystack or the bullseye. You can also find blow guns, pellet guns and slingshots for beginners. For long range shooting, view distant game with rifle and spotting scopes before taking aim. After the hunt is over, prepare meat for storage and consumption using sharp hunting knives and dependable tools. Get ready for adventure with reliable hunting gear and apparel from Sears.