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Find Hidden Treasures with an Ergonomically Designed Metal Detector

Metal detectors feature a high-tech design that is both optimized for efficiency and user-friendliness. These handheld machines can help locate anything from loose change to metal relics in a variety of different environments. Look for gold coins on the beach or scraps of silver in the back yard. Sears has both analog and digital models to begin an exciting outdoor adventure.

A long and lightweight metal detector is easy to maneuver, so it won't place undue strain on the wrists while searching for hidden items. Grab onto the ergonomic handle and pay careful attention to the large display. As you sweep the coil across the ground, the machine springs into action. Analog models feature an indicator needle that moves rapidly as you close in, while multi-tone feedback provides an audio alert to keep treasure seekers on their toes. Plug a set of headphones into the built-in jack to keep your favorite locations a secret from people passing by.

Digital metal detectors offer even more information on the large display screen. Grab a waterproof model while searching for coins in a shallow stream. The long length of the detector allows you to stay dry on the banks while the coil glides underwater. When an item is detected, the display screen estimates the depth, which means you can dig more precisely with hand tools. Discover something new with high-tech metal detector kits from Sears.