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Expand your Vision with Easy-to-Carry Monoculars

Outdoorsmen love the compact size of monoculars. They fit in a pocket and are lightweight enough to hang around your neck all day. When you shop for monoculars, you'll notice a wide range in product selection. Certain models have better lenses and may feature a waterproof and impact-resistance design. Our top monoculars even have night vision capabilities. The monoculars we carry come in several magnifications and fields of view. Less magnification gives you a steady image for things that are close. Greater magnification is ideal for hunters attempting to spot game far away.

The great thing about monoculars is that they're easy to carry. Simply hang it around your neck and forget about it until you hear the rustle of a bush. They're lightweight and come in a variety of sizes for different distances. Sears has a wide variety of monoculars to choose from so that you have the hunting equipment you need for a successful day out in the woods. The difference between a monocular and binocular is that unlike binoculars, monoculars only have one eye hole to look through. This presents a 2-D image for the hunter to see. Use a monocular to have a clear view of the forest on your hunting trip.

Use an illuminated sight if you're hunting nocturnal game. Sears offers a number of night-vision sights so that you can hunt past dusk. If you're a land owner with a feral hog problem, then an illuminated sight will certainly help you hunt those pesky predators. These advanced optics can also be used to monitor home safety issues. Pick up an illuminated sight to help improve accuracy, even in a pitch-black forest.

Spotting scopes are smaller than telescopes, and they can attach to your gun easily. Sears has a variety of spotting scopes so that you can see long distances. Most hunters use these to identify similar species and to help ensure your accuracy while shooting. When shopping for a spotting scope, there are two designs to choose from, the angled and straight spotting scope. Angled is ideal for sharing, using a shorter tripod and finding treetop or hiding animals. Straight is easiest for beginner users, viewing ground animals and is less straining on your neck. Now just choose your size and you'll be on your way to an improved shot in no time.

Getting a better view is easy with quality equipment from today's best brands. While hunting you need full view of your game. Bring that eight-point buck closer with high-performance optics from Sears.