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Complete your Uniform with new Baseball Protective Gear from Sears

No matter what position you play, wearing the proper attire is not only important for your performance, but it also helps keep you safe in case of an accident. From behind the plate to the outfield, protecting your head and face as well as your upper and lower body can mean the difference between a walkoff play and a major error. Gear up for success with new baseball apparel and baseball protective gear from Sears.

Before you step onto the field, make sure you're ready for anything that comes your way with new baseball safety equipment in your baseball bag. Catchers who are constantly in the line of fire will want to suit up in head-to-toe baseball safety equipment. Choose from individual face masks, upper body and leg pads, or start off with a complete catcher's set that can be customized with new additions. Players elsewhere on the field will benefit from mouth guards and cups in case of a misplaced foul ball. Joint and knee sleeves can help prevent you from overextending as you run or wait for an injury to heal.

Having the right equipment can keep you safe while playing. From cups and mouth guards to pitching screens and beam pads, Sears has the baseball and softball protective gear you need to defend yourself on the field.