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Gain Ground on the Field with Football Cleats

One of the easiest ways to make headway on the football field is by wearing a pair of football cleats. This type of athletic shoe features removable or moldable cleats for gripping the field and uppers made from leather or synthetic material. Whether you play flag football or are a more competitive player, you can benefit from a new pair of high-, mid- or low-top football cleats.

High-top football cleats provide extra support for your ankle and are a popular choice among linemen. Low tops are great for maneuvering and achieving maximum speed, especially if you're a wide receiver. Consider mid tops for a mixture of agility and ankle support. Molded cleats work well on hard surfaces and turf fields. Detachable football cleats are also a versatile option, allowing the player to change spikes depending on the texture of the field.

When you're putting together your young athlete's football uniform, check out the wide selection of boys' football cleats and youth football cleats at Sears. Whether you're shopping for yourself or your child, new cleats can make all the difference in the big game.