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Score a Touchdown with Flag Football Gear from Sears

Flag football is not only a great way to teach football basics to interested youth players; it's also the perfect way to blow off steam. It provides a less aggressive way to either teach or play football and is a family-friendly activity. Play in the backyard or on a full size field with Sears. We have all the equipment you need for flag football this season.

The football on-field accessories you need for flag football include belts and flags. Unlike football, it's not an equipment heavy sport. Just bring your team to a field and play. Sears has a variety of different flag football belts. Choose from belts that have Velcro or clip-on flags and a belt that easily pulls off or belts that emphasize the flag being pulled off. They're just as easy either way, but with belts that have the pull-off flags, you can create your own fun games with a little creativity. Use them for birthday parties, family events or as an after work stress reliever.

If you're playing in an open field or a backyard, consider picking up some football accessories such as cones and markers from Sears. Cones aren't necessary to play the game, but they make knowing the boundaries easier. This way, if a player goes out of bounds or scores a touchdown there's no unnecessary debate. Cones are also just a great item to have around the house for other sports, games, drills or even stick a few in your car for emergency situations.

For flag football players, look into football cleats and jerseys for an official game. Pick up some scrimmage jerseys from Sears to identify teams. We have a wide variety of flag football accessories that will make the game fun and safe for you to play. Flags are easily lost. When you're in the heat of the moment it's easy to forget where you threw that last flag, or maybe you just misplaced your belt from last season in your garage. Either way, look to Sears for all your football needs including replacement items and accessories.

Whether you're playing flag football with your family, friends or co-workers you'll bond as a team and have fun. Start your own tournament or league today and look to Sears for the best in flag football gear.